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Technology Robotix Society is the focal point of all robotics related activities at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

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A plotter is a type of printer used to print vector graphics. We have made a smaller version which is able to print any graphic having size less than 120 * 240 mm. Two stepper motors have been used for movement. Both the axis have independent motion i.e the pen holder and the printing bed can be independently moved.


A micro servo motor has been used for lifting the pen up and down. An arduino UNO has been used for the control of these motors.Currently we need to connect a laptop having processing 3 software to execute the g-code. On providing the g-code file, the software sends the instructions to arduino by serial communication and thus the required motion of the stepper motors and servo motor is obtained.

  • Future Plans

A raspberry PI will be used to do the g-code processing which in turn will send the instructions to arduino. Moreover IOT will be included as well wherein the gcode file would be directly sent to the Raspberry PI through wifi and the plotter would start printing the file.

InterIIT TCTD Challenge


Automation in industries is mostly programmed to carry out a specific work. But the exponentially growing semiconductor industry has led to the development of economically viable sensors with pinpoint accuracy combined with the internet gives a whole new dimension to the world of automation. The direct consequence being machines getting intelligent and very versatile. Our work here is an attempt to extend this automation quest.


Designing and standardizing appropriate tailor-made tools and equipment for women can reduce or entirely prevent physical fatigue, which is linked to farm work. The same is the case with farmers working in different countries under the influence of various internal and external factors. Hence, we brainstormed to designed a bot with the broad objective to equip farmers technologically for reducing their drudgery during the engagement in agriculture and for enhancing their productivity. To understand the major problems and develop a solution we dug more around them.

Rules and regulations

  • Applications can be made through the portal on the homepage. Details about your project and requirements need to be submitted.

  • Applications will be evaluated by TRS based on the feasibility and scope of the project. Once approved, one can avail the full benefits of the Makerspace Lab.

  • At any point in time, not more than two projects will be undertaken in the Makerspace Lab.

  • Projects will be monitored and reviewed regularly by Team Robotix. Projects may be discontinued based on current status and progress.

  • A strict record of inventory used and borrowed is to be maintained. Any item(s) borrowed from the lab must be documented in the Records Book.

  • Only students of IIT Kharagpur will be allowed to avail the facilities of the Makerspace Lab.

  • Not more than 4 people are to be working on a project at any time.
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